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Supplying pump and valve components to clients around the world

Nippon Chuzo supplies a range of pump and valve components such as impellers, guide vanes and surface plates to clients around the world in a variety of different industries including food production, chemicals and hydro power.

Customized performance characteristics

For optimum performance and reliability, the performance characteristics of pipes, valves and other components with respect to durability, heat resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties are carefully tailored to suit the nature of the liquid (such as seawater, fresh water or chemicals) or gas (such as steam).

Client-driven approach to quality

Nippon Chuzo boasts extensive experience and expertise with casting technology, and this allows us to accommodate almost any requirements or specifications with respect to shape, size, dimensions and material composition. Our goal is customer satisfaction, and to this end we strive to provide the best possible solution to any and every challenge.

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