Castings - Casting equipment

Rotary reclaimers and hybrid sand masters

Reprocessing equipment for all types of casting sand

Nippon Chuzo supplies reprocessing equipment offering a range of features including particle size grading, particle shape rectification and powder extraction on a wide variety of different sand types including organic and inorganic self-hardening sand, wet molding sand, roasting sand, shell sand, and new and reclaimed sands.

We also supply slag mills and pneumatic feeders.

Pure, clean uniform foundry sand

Simultaneous grading and polishing in high-performance rotary drums produces pure, clean foundry sand with minimal fragmentation for improved yields.

Huge savings in initial investment and ongoing expenses

The long-lasting ceramic drum* uses less power thanks to improved polishing efficiency, and requires minimal maintenance. This represents a far more economical solution in terms of both initial equipment investment and ongoing maintenance and operating expenses.
* for hybrid sand master

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