Facilities and operations


Casting and forging products

Casting and forging products have always been the primary focus of Nippon Chuzo. Ever since 1920, when the company was founded, industry has relied on Nippon Chuzo for the expertise and advanced technology to deliver the best solutions with uncompromising standards of quality and performance.

Engineering services

Our engineering services are geared primarily toward the design and manufacture of bridge bearings and expansion joints. We make an important contribution to the transportation of people and goods by providing a wide range of quality products carefully fabricated using advanced production systems to meet the demands of modern transportation infrastructure.

Construction materials

Construction materials are the domain of the Hardware and Landscaping Division and the Construction Materials Division. Our industry-leading products and techniques, the culmination of advanced design and casting technology and innovative ideas, contribute directly to the structural strength and aesthetic beauty of many of our major iconic buildings and structures, and in doing so play an important role in urban development for the benefit of all.

What we do

Production facilities and research laboratories

Kawasaki factory

Our main production facility
Integrated production system encompassing all processes from design through to assembly.

Located in the heart of the Keihin industrial precinct, the Kawasaki factory is Nippon Chuzo’s main production facility. It is equipped with an integrated castings production system that encompasses the full range of processes from design through to product assembly.
The manufacturing section has different facilities for mold fabrication, steelmaking, molding, heat treatment, machining and assembly and other processes, all fitted with advanced high-performance manufacturing systems with the capacity to produce a variety of castings in sizes ranging from several kilograms through to huge pieces weighing 50 tons or more. We offer an extensive range of alloy steel materials designed with specific properties such as heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, as well as the exciting new low thermal expansion LEX series.
The Kawasaki factory houses the accumulated experience and technical skills of many years of operation and features a stringent quality control system. The facility is used for the design, development and manufacture of an extensive range of bridge construction members including bearing members (typically rubber and steel bearings), high-performance expansion joints with extended travel, and anti-collapse mechanisms, as well as construction materials such as joints and pedestals for spatial structures.

2-1 Shiraishicho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City 210-9567
TEL:044(322)3751 FAX:044(344)4022

Ikegami factory

Specialty steels for VRH molding systems
Streamlined configuration geared towards resource recycling.

The Ikegami factory, part of the JFE Steel East Japan Works complex, produces a range of high-performance castings in sizes ranging from several kilograms up to one ton. In order to accommodate the increasingly exacting demands of modern-day construction, we use a combination of different alloy element additives and heat treatment finishes to create specialty steel products with enhanced performance characteristics such as thermal resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
The forging plant at Ikegami is home to the unique VRH hardening system developed by Nippon Chuzo using our longstanding experience in forging technology. In addition to automation and labor-saving systems, the forging plant boasts a reprocessing and recycling system for casting sand that makes a small yet significant contribution to environmental conservation and beautification. The VRH molding system enjoys an excellent reputation in the industry, as it is able to accommodate a variety of product specifications and materials while delivering excellent dimensional accuracy on small lots through to mass production runs.

JFE Steel East Japan Works
JKeihin Industrial Precinct (in front of Seamless Pipe Office)
2-1 Ikegamicho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City 210-0864
TEL:044(333)5177 FAX:044(333)6626

Fukuyama plant

A consistent supplier of reliable and dependable cast iron pieces made using the latest equipment and technology.

The Fukuyama factory began operations in 1967 as a metal mold manufacturing facility supplying durable long-lasting steelmaking molds produced via the blast furnace molten iron direct casting method. Over the years, the Fukuyama factory has brought out many different casting products in response to evolving market demand. Today it is a key player in the domestic casting industry, boasting an extensive and diverse range of products.
The Fukuyama factory employs the latest equipment and technology, such as blast furnaces with hot charge melting and furan molders that employ furan resin binder. A rigorous quality control system ensures that all products meet the highest quality standards. The Fukuyama factory boasts a dedicated horizontal continuous casting system from Technica Goose in Germany that is used to make “mighty bar” iron. Industrial machinery components made from “mighty bar” iron offer vastly superior performance relative to conventional sand mold castings, particularly with respect to material composition, cutting and machining performance, mechanical properties and quality consistency.

JFE Steel West Japan Works 1 Kokancho, Fukuyama 721-0931
TEL:084(941)2716 FAX:084(941)9976

R&D facilities

An extensive R&D program with a strong emphasis on new technology Creating the products and technologies of tomorrow

Nippon Chuzo operates an extensive R&D program geared towards developing the products and technologies of tomorrow, with a particular emphasis on exploring exciting new domains of technology designed to benefit society as a whole. The R&D program is broadly divided into product development, where the focus is on designing solutions for specific requirements, and pure research, which includes pursuing both the fundamentals as well as innovative new forms of technology.
At Nippon Chuzo, we take a long-term approach to R&D. Our research and development teams work closely with other departments to enhance the efficiency, speed and flexibility of R&D operations throughout the JFE Group, backed by a powerful support structure.
This approach has earned us a reputation as a reliable supplier of high-precision formed and fabricated pieces for modern high-precision manufacturing applications in a range of industries, particularly following the release of the new LEX series of low thermal expansion materials. In the machinery and engineering sectors, meanwhile, Nippon Chuzo is steadily building up new markets in special-purpose products such as rotary reclaimers for casting sand and NC base plate hardware used in building construction.

• Nippon Chuzo production facilities are accredited for production by Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (Class NK) and Lloyd’s of the United Kingdom (LR), and also accredited for high-pressure gas testing by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
• NC base plates are accredited by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and have been assessed by the Building Center of Japan.

2-1 Shiraishicho, Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki City 210-9567