Management philosophy

The Nippon Chuzo quality guarantee: strength, durability and relevance

Nippon Chuzo is committed to quality above all. Each and every employee is dedicated to the tireless pursuit of quality in the three key domains of technical excellence, product development and teamwork. We are equally committed to maintaining a sustained growth trajectory as part of our social obligation as a corporation, while at the same time generating added value for all stakeholders.

Code of Conduct

We pledge to operate with honesty, integrity and fairness, in full compliance with the relevant legislative requirements and corporate ethical standards.

Our commitment to you

1. Product and service standards

We strive to maintain a reputation for integrity and reliability by supplying safe and high-quality products and services predicated on technical excellence while at the same time making every possible effort to protect the integrity of personal information and client data.

2. Transparency

We strive to promote openness and transparancy by ensuring that information about company operations is communicated to shareholders and the wider public.

3. Community engagement

We strive to be a good corporate citizen through a combination of constructive and collaborative engagement and giving back to the community where possible.

4. Global outlook

We strive to promote mutual understanding with people from all over the world by displaying respect for other cultures, customs and practices as well as international norms and conventions.

5. Caring for the environment

We pledge to care for the environment and take decisive action to make a better world for all.

6. Politics and government

We pledge to maintain honest and appropriate relationships with politicians and government.

7. Anti-social forces

We will not engage in any way with anti-social forces (i.e. organized crime groups) that pose a threat to public order and safety, and will not accede to any unlawful, inappropriate or unwarranted demands.

8. Human rights

We pledge to respect the rights of employees and members of the public, and to prevent any form of discriminatory treatment in our operations.

9. Workplace environment

We strive to provide a safe and nurturing workplace environment that enables all employees to reach their full potential.

10. Compliance

We pledge to comply with the relevant laws and regulations, to engage in fair and equitable competition, and to act with sincerity and integrity at all times in accordance with normal business customs and practices.