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Maurer joints

For short to long span road traffic bridges

Standard Maurer joints are typically used on road bridges where movement is in one direction only. Nippon Chuzo supplies a wide range of Maurer joints ranging from the E-80, which is designed for simple bridge structures with maximum elongation travel of 80 mm, to the E-160 (maximum travel 160 mm) and E-800 (800 mm) for medium to long span bridges, where the middle and end beams are combined with sealed rubber components and the middle beam is held by a support beam and bearings.

Waterproof sealed rubber components for enhanced corrosion resistance

All-weather sealed rubber components are inserted in a wedge configuration between the middle and end beams to provide a long-lasting watertight seal that protects the understructure from corrosion caused by rainwater and other contaminants and, in very cold climates, prevents icicles from forming.

Sealed rubber and bearings can be replaced independently

The wedge configuration between the middle and end beams provides extra durability. The sealed rubber component and the bearing can be replaced independently of one another, which is more economical in terms of ongoing maintenance costs.

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