Technical standards

02Technical standards

Technical expertise is crucial to the development of reliable new products to serve the demands of the marketplace. Nippon Chuzo has set up an integrated yet flexible R&D framework that enables us to explore a range of design and manufacturing techniques and methodologies predicated on better serving the demands of the marketplace.

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Multidisciplinary collaboration drives technical standards

Multidisciplinary collaboration involves bringing together highly trained professionals from various different processes—from mold design and manufacture to material heating and pouring, forming, heat treatment and finishing, and final assembly—to discuss quality and efficiency improvements. This collaborative approach helps to drive up technical standards across the entire spectrum.

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Painstakingly designed casting systems based on prediction and verification

Castings is our core business at Nippon Chuzo. The design of the casting system has a significant bearing on the success of the finished castings. The casting system takes into consideration a number of parameters including the composition of the casting sand, the main mold and core design, the configuration of the runners, the melt temperature and the solidification time. With our longstanding expertise in casting systems, we are able to design and produce a wide range of irregular and specialty shapes and performance castings to a very high degree of precision and purity.

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Specialized equipment guarantees exceptional casting purity

Nippon Chuzo employs LAVD and HSR vacuum degassing pumps to remove oxygen and nitrogen from steel melt, together with an atmospheric adjustable CAC casting system that depressurizes the sandbox or creates vacuum conditions as required. These processes help to minimize the presence of oxides and impurities that lead to pinholes and blowholes. Higher purity means fewer defects and a higher quality product.

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