Castings Division

Casting and forging products have always been the primary focus of Nippon Chuzo. Ever since 1920, when the company was founded, industry has relied on Nippon Chuzo for the expertise and advanced technology to deliver the best solutions with uncompromising standards of quality and performance.

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Supplying a wide range of casting products to a wide range of industry

Nippon Chuzo has been in operation for nearly 100 years and boasts a wealth of experience and expertise in supplying the mining, construction and manufacturing industries (among others) with a huge range of castings products in a huge range of sizes from several kilograms up to several tons. Nippon Chuzo has helped to build the foundations for industrial progress and economic prosperity in Japan.

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Integrated production system, unique equipment and stringent quality control

The integrated production system encompasses all processes from mold making and iron and steel production to pouring, heat treatment, machining and final assembly. Nippon Chuzo uses LAVD vacuum degassing to eliminate oxygen and nitrogen from the steel melt, together with an atmospheric adjustable CAC casting system that depressurizes the sandbox or creates vacuum conditions as required. These ensure the highest standards of quality and purity and enable us to create a wide variety of advanced castings for a variety of applications.

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High-performance materials for harsh operating environments

Over the years Nippon Chuzo has developed a wide range of functional materials that provide specific combinations of properties such as heat resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance, culminating in the LEX series of low thermal expansion materials that exhibit minimal dimensional variation.
We also make casting products that add value to machinery, equipment and facilities by providing specific performance characteristics in particularly harsh or unusual operating conditions.

Operating divisions

Castings Division

The Castings Division supplies casting products that represent the culmination of years of experience and expertise together with the latest production technology, designed to the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability to provide the optimum solution every time.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division supplies a range of products designed to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in line with the evolving demands of the marketplace.

Construction Materials Division

The Construction Materials Division supplies industry-leading products and techniques that combine advanced design and casting technology with innovative and progressive ideas. These products contribute directly to the structural strength and aesthetic beauty of many of our most iconic buildings and structures, adding an important element of design flexibility to modern building design.