Engineering Division

Our engineering services are geared primarily toward the design and manufacture of bridge bearings and expansion joints. We make an important contribution to the everyday transportation of people and goods by providing a wide range of quality products carefully fabricated using advanced production systems to meet the demands of modern transportation infrastructure.

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A wealth of experience combined with a solution-oriented approach

As a leading provider of casting products and services we have extensive experience and expertise in steel bearings. We also supply rubber bearings, which have become increasingly widespread in the aftermath the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake in Kobe. Our expertise with both types of bearings enables us to find the optimum solution for every engineering challenge.

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Combining load distribution and displacement tracking

Our integrated production system encompasses all processes from design through to manufacturing. When designing a bridge bearing, it is important to consider the size and structural design of the bridge as well as the surrounding environment. In order to ensure the safety of pedestrian and vehicle traffic, bridge bearings are required to transmit horizontal and vertical loads directly to the substructure while at the same time faithfully tracking any expansion or displacement in the superstructure.

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Full range of ancillary hardware pieces

In addition to steel and rubber bearings, expansion joints, dampers, saddles and cable bands, we also offer a full range of ancillary hardware pieces for bridges, such as overflow channels. Thus we are able to offer a comprehensive package solution tailored to the performance and esthetic requirements of any and every bridge design.

Operating divisions

Castings Division

The Castings Division supplies casting products that represent the culmination of years of experience and expertise together with the latest production technology, designed to the highest standards of quality, performance and reliability to provide the optimum solution every time.

Engineering Division

The Engineering Division supplies a range of products designed to ensure the safe and efficient movement of people and goods in line with the evolving demands of the marketplace.

Construction Materials Division

The Construction Materials Division supplies industry-leading products and techniques that combine advanced design and casting technology with innovative and progressive ideas. These products contribute directly to the structural strength and aesthetic beauty of many of our most iconic buildings and structures, adding an important element of design flexibility to modern building design.