Low EXpansion material LEX

LEX can help you to meet high accuracy requirements

Accuracy for equipment and devices is constantly demanded in the advanced technology field. But, problems occur when heat transformation affects the accuracy of equipment and devices.

We, Nipponchuzo, have been studying low thermal expansion alloy material for many years and have released LEX in the market. Under the thermal expansion environment, LEX shows its transformation is kept at minimum. LEX maintains the accuracy of the product and offers an excellent machining workability.

What is LEX

LEX series can be divided into 2 main groups by its carbon content.
The picture shows the characteristic difference for you to choose by your needs.

LEX-series diagram
High carbon Type Low carbon
Controllable expansion
Merits Low thermal expansion
No Graphite
Additional functions
Controllable expansion: LEX 5~55
High temperature environment: LEX 40K
Development Zero expansion: LEX-ZERO
Low expansion: LEX-SF1, IF1
High Young’s modulus: LEX-35E+